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1978 C152 II

N53304 is an well maintained and equipped trainer based at Valkaria Airport (X59) which Treasure Coast Motorgliding uses to complete the training of an Airplane Single Engine Land student.

1948 Luscombe 8E

N1406B is powered by a C-85 which allows it to fly at 115 MPH on just 4 gallons per hour.

It has very light and responsive controls making it an ideal trainer for tailwheel endorsements.

This plane is also used to provide initial training, up through solo, of a primary Airplane Single Engine Land student because it helps develop good stick and rudder skills.

2000 Scheibe SF25C Motorglider

N2399N was manufactured and imported into the USA
in 2000. It has a Rotax Falke with a 100 HP Rotax 912S engine
and MT V1A constant speed electrically controlled propeller.

The glider’s empty weight is 991 lbs with a gross weight
of 1431 lbs. It has a Normal Category certification
​that’s approved for towing gliders up to 1253 lbs.

The glider is equipped with: 

  • TRIG TY91 Transceiver with internal intercom
  • TRIG TT21 S Mode Transponder with ADSB Out
  • iFly 740 GPS