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1968  Mooney Cadet

N5495F is a Mooney Cadet which looks like an Ercoupe because it's a modernized version of the 415 Series originally produced in 1940s.

Two distinct features of the Cadet are rudder pedals and spring steel landing gear. This specific airplane was one of the last produced by Mooney before they transitioned to the M-10 which is the same plane with a single rudder.

1948 Luscombe 8E

N1406B is powered by a C-85 which allows it to fly at 115 MPH on just 4 gallons per hour.

It has very light and responsive controls making it an ideal trainer for tailwheel endorsements.

This plane is also used to provide initial training, up through solo, of a primary Airplane Single Engine Land student because it helps develop good stick and rudder skills.