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My initial pilot training started in 1957 from a small airfield in New England under the guiding hand of a great pilot named Howard Dutton. He taught the importance of good stick and rudder skills. My first job as a flight instructor was at this same airfield in 1977 teaching primary flight and instruments.  

In the fall of 1989 I went through a course on my Twin Comanche at the Piper training facility in Vero Beach, FL. This led to a job offer from Piper, where I had the opportunity to teach people to fly planes like the Malibu, Seneca, Cub, and Seminole.

A short time later ,I was hired by Flight Safety Academy, as the Chief Flight Instructor, a job requiring the supervision of 65 flight instructors and over 350 students. Most of the training was AB Initio training for airlines like Swiss Air, Air France, and Alitalia. During this phase of my career I developed an excellent insight into the importance of procedures and flight discipline.

I started Treasure Coast Motorgliding (TCMG) in 2013 to introduce gliding in this area of Florida. The motorglider was purchase from Motorgliding USA in July of 2013 and sold back to the same company in November of 2017, allowing the owner to restart Motorgliding USA.

This allowed me to refocus my efforts on providing the most effective training to airplane pilots using valuable techniques from both the glider and airplane training syllabuses.

At TCMG Flight Training, I use the airplanes in my fleet tab to give students training in the following areas:

  • primary airplane single engine land
  • tail wheel endorsement
  • stall spin awareness
  • glider techniques useful to airplane pilots

Recently I add gyroplane instruction using a modern reliable aircraft with enhanced features like improved mast design and longer more effective empennage.

My training techniques emphasize effective use of control using natural external references where instrumentation is secondary support to the pilots situational awareness.